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We will be introducing a column “At Nania” in Nania News to talk about the Whys and How we do things at Nania.We welcome feedback and questions.

You may have observed the prevalence of the color pink at Nania.  Today, I would like to introduce why we use the color pink. Small children are open to the surrounding elements and receive all sorts of impressions from them.  Colour, which is part of the environment, is an important aspect of the child’s world.

At Nania, we use the colour pink for the curtains and wall. Pink, a shade of red, represents a colour for life. It is reflected as a bluish quality in the children’s soul, which has a calming effect on them.

We use a lot of soft coloured cloth to decorate the rooms. The soft fabric and colours warm the space. It makes young children, who still possess a dreamy quality, to feel calm and protected within.

The staff wear soft coloured aprons for a similar reason. We encourage the teachers to wear soft flowing skirts to enhance their feminine quality. Teaching staff wear pink and light blue aprons, kitchen/house keeping staff wear light purple aprons to differentiate their roles. The aprons offer a consistent impression to the children. Young children need a settled environment to feel settled within themselves and comfortable with the environment. To mitigate staff changes and the mood of the individuality expressed in the daily fashion of our clothes, the staff wear the same coloured apron every day to offer the children the consistency they need for their emotional comfort.


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