At Nania_Imagination

At Nania we work very much with the three major learning principles Imagination, Imitation and Repetition. Today I would like to talk a bit about Imagination.

Young children between three to six years old have great imagination. They create many things from the play material at Nania. They set up different play scenarios such as flying in an airplane; on board a ship, at the hairdresser; hospital; car workshop; a restaurant; etc. Although the play materials are the same, we have different creative play everyday.

The vigor of their imagination transforms a piece of play log into BBQ fish, a bar of soap, or train. A piece of string becomes noodles, a bundle of strings into cooking fire. It is possible for children to imagine and transform toys in many ways because of the play material itself. At Nania we have many unformed toys. Formed toys with clear defined shapes do not leave space for imagination. Unformed toys like stones and cloth invite imagination to transform them. If the child is surrounded by formed toys, it is difficult for their imagination to behold more than what they see. It is hard to transform a beautiful fire engine into a ship or train. It is easy to transform a play log into a beautiful fire engine, ship or train.

We prefer natural play material in the classroom. Plastic is “Cold” as opposed to natural materials which are “Warm” to touch and offer more sensory comfort. The play materials we offer are selected to allow the children to cultivate and nurture the power and dynamism of their imagination. When they play imaginatively it not just their imagination and limbs that are busy, their souls are also enriched. Young children are will beings. It is important for them to play creatively during their tender years to lay good foundation for the later stages of their life.


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