News / Nunn Road / 2007 / April 2007 (E66)

Dear parents,

The children enjoyed the Easter Spring celebration very much. They decorated their eggs into colourful Easter eggs in the morning. Children were excited when they found eggs in the garden after the puppet show. Some seeds that they had planted have sprouted and are growing well.

Puppet show during Easter Spring celebration

Seed sowing and watering the plants

Egg hunting at the garden

Junko has written 10 articles about the Whys and How concerning the way we do things in Nania. We introduced it under a column entitled “At Nania” in Nania News (E31 to E54). Some parents who joined us in 2006 or 2007 may not have read all the articles. Please visit to our home page to read them. They are entitled, “At Nania 1-10”. If you have no access to the internet, you may ask for a printed copy from the office.

Enclosed is the Sports/Family Day programme. The Penang Japanese School hall has a wooden floor. Kindly prepare a pair of clean sport shoes for indoor use only for each family member. I look forward to seeing all of you on the Sports/Family Day.

Please take note that Nania will be open on 26th April (Thursday) although it is a government public holiday for the celebration of the King’s coronation.

Finally, I wish you a happy holiday (starting from 30th April). I hope that I will learn a lot during the 2nd Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference in Bangkok.

Teacher Thian

Coming events:

Kodomo-no-hi / Boys’ Day (5th May)

It is a Japanese custom for families with boys to put up the koinobori, or carp streamers, in their garden or on the roof on this day. The koinobori carps appear to be swimming vigorously against the current as they flatter in the wind. It symbolizes boys should face and overcome their personal challenges with the same positive spirit.

At Nania, we celebrate this event on 7th May 2007. The children will make a koinobori and a Samurai hat as part of their class activity and take them home on that day.

Koinobori carps

Mothers’ Day
We will celebrate Mothers’ Day on 11th May. Children will make flowers and a wall decoration to bring home for their mothers.

Bento [Lunch Box] Picnic Day
This year, we will have our Bento Day on 24th May. Children will make ‘money’ during the morning artistic activity time. They will then buy lunch boxes from ‘Aunty Janet’s Restaurant’ and enjoy a picnic in the garden, under the shade, of course.

30th April (Monday) - Sports Day replacement holiday
1St May (Tuesday) - Labour Day
2nd May (Wednesday) - Wesak Day (Replacement holiday)
3rd & 4th (Thursday and Friday) - Nania’s holiday
* The Nania’s holiday is to allow teachers to attend the Asian Waldorf Teachers’ Conference that will be held in Bangkok.

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