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We welcomed the sunny morning during our Easter Festival because it had rained almost continuously the day before.

After the children had gathered in the dining hall, they began to recite the joyful Easter day’s poems and started to paint Easter eggs to bring home.  Have they been reciting the catchy poems of ‘little bunny hoopa...hoopa...hoopa...hop’ at home?

The teachers prepared a special puppet show about the friendship between a caterpillar and a girl.  The girl felt the loss when the caterpillar that she has befriended in the garden went missing after a few days.  She did not know that the caterpillar has turned into a cocoon so she felt sad. However, she was lucky to meet a friendly rabbit and Mr. Gnome who gave her hope to find her friend again.  The friendly rabbit took her to a flower garden and when she saw a beautiful butterfly flying there, she sensed that she knew the butterfly from before.

After the puppet show, the children went out to hunt for the big and small Easter eggs at our garden.  They eagerly searched through the garden and excitedly piled up their ‘rewards’ in a basket.

Since returning from the weekend break, some children during creative play use the bean bags as “eggs” that they would hide for their friends to “egg-hunt” in the classroom.

To the children, we adults are the best examples for them to imitate.  Whatever that we do eagerly and happily, the children can feel the positive energy flowing through us and they will, in turn carry out all the activities that we have planned for them eagerly and happily as well.

As I have mentioned, Easter celebration at Nania is about the celebration of new life.  We planted groundnuts seeds in our garden corner.  By now, we are able to see groundnuts sprouting in the garden bed already. We will wait for approximately 120 days to 150 days before harvesting them.

In the month of May, we have a few activities planned for the children. One of the activities will be Sports day which has been fixed on the 19th of May (Sunday).  Please keep that date free to join your child/children for a morning of family fun in the Japanese School hall.

We enclosed herewith the day’s programme and songs sheet for your attention.
Teacher Nora

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