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The children came early with great anticipation on the morning of our Easter Day celebration.  They started the day by folding an origami bunny before proceeding to colour their Easter eggs in the dining area.  Every child held the eggs gently when they started to colour them. 

After that, the teachers presented the Easter day puppet show to them.  Judging from their full attention and co-operation, they must have enjoyed our presentation.  At the end of the show, we sang our Easter song together.  I’m sure your child has been singing “Hoopa! Hoopa! Hoopa! Hoosh” at home.  Well, next time just take out the song sheet that I always enclose with the newsletter so that you can sing along with them,

The children then went egg-hunting in the garden on that bright sunny morning.  The older children were quick and very soon managed to find many big and small groundnut-eggs.  I was touched to see one big ‘ko-ko’ and one big ‘che-che’ willingly sharing their eggs with the smaller children who couldn’t find even one.  So, all the children were happy with their ‘expedition’ that day.

After that they happily gave their ‘treasures’ to the teachers.  The big children helped to peel the bigger ‘eggs’ for lunch, while the smaller ‘eggs’ were shared out and wrapped together with the Easter egg that they had coloured in the morning. 

During the outside playtime, we planted some groundnuts in our garden flower beds.  Hmm……on the very next day, some parents saw that the nuts had germinated already.  It is amazing how soon we can see the new life in the plants.

I told them an Easter story during the story telling time. I was glad to see them happily handing over their little packages to you when you came to pick them up that day.

I’m also glad to see that the children have experienced the Easter celebration of new life.  They watched a story about new life during the story of the puppet show and experienced it with the planting of groundnuts later on.

We like to announce that we are opening a new branch soon at No. 3 Halaman York towards the end of June, 2014.  We plan to have both kindergarten and after school care (afternoon) classes there. 

Now the children have started to practice for the coming Sports/Family Day.  We very much look forward to seeing you and your family on the day.  Please make yourself free on the 18th of May.  Come and join us in the Japanese School Hall for a wonderful and fun family day.

Teacher Nora

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