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The children were very excited when I announced that we would celebrate New Life/Easter on the next day. Everyone arrived at Nania earlier as they did not want to miss the puppet show.

To begin the celebration, the teachers presented a puppet show about the friendship between a caterpillar and a girl. The children started to sing the “Butterfly” song when they saw the puppet butterfly, which was the caterpillar, dancing happily with the little girl. After the puppet show, children gathered in the dining hall to colour Easter eggs which they brought home.

Later, the children went out to hunt for the big and small Easter eggs in our garden.  They eagerly searched through the garden and excitedly piled up their ‘rewards’ in a basket.  The big children helped to shell the eggs. Those eggs were served during our lunch.

As I have mentioned in the last news letter, Easter celebration at Nania is about the celebration of new life. This year, we planted corn seeds in our garden corner.  We will wait for approximately 65-70days before harvesting them.

In the month of May, Boys’ day, an annual celebrated day for families in Japan and also Mothers’ day, await us.  Thus, the children are now busily preparing the crafts to take home for both occasions.

Another event will be Sports day which has been scheduled on the 20th of May (Sunday).  Please keep that date free to join your child/children for a morning of family fun in the Penang Japanese School hall. Please come on time on that morning as the children’s presentation will start at 9.00a.m. We enclosed herewith the day’s programme and songs sheet for your attention.

Please take note that Nania will be closed for the General Elections on 9th May (Wednesday) and there will be a replacement rest day after the Sports Day.

                                                                                          Teacher Thian






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