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Festivals celebrate the seasons in a year and they connect us to the world around us. This annual rhythm can strengthen the physical body of the young child. In Nania, we create simple and meaningful festivals that not only bring joy and excitement to the children but also the essence of these celebrations. Our display corner changes as we welcome every festival.

On the 30th of March we celebrated our New Life Festival. On the day of the festival, the children coloured eggs in the morning to be taken home. Then, we gathered in the class hall to watch the puppet show. The teachers prepared a special puppet show based on the New Life theme. It was about the friendship between a caterpillar and a girl.  The girl felt the loss when the caterpillar that she had befriended in the garden went missing after a few days.  She did not know that the caterpillar had turned into a cocoon so she felt sad. But things changed when she met a friendly rabbit and Mr. Gnome who gave her hope of finding her caterpillar friend again. She followed them to a flower garden where she saw a beautiful butterfly flying about. The butterfly was actually her good friend, Mr. Caterpillar, who had transformed into a butterfly. She was very happy to know that.

  Children enjoyed the puppet show very much, after that all they got ready to hunt for the New Life eggs in the garden. The eggs consisted of small and big ones. They eagerly searched through the garden and collected all the eggs they found in their baskets. During the hunt, we noticed that some children who collected more than 1 egg shared their extra egg with other children who had not found any. Others simply enjoyed hunting for eggs together with their friends, without thinking about the number of eggs collected.

  Later on, the big children helped to shell peel the eggs and then halved them using strings. The eggs were then served during lunch. All of them enjoyed eating the eggs. After lunch, the big children also helped to count the groundnuts and packed the New Life bags that were

to be taken home. Each child was excited to take home his/her bag of New Life treasures that day.






  Recently, we had our Bento Day [13th April 2018].  It was bright and sunny so we had our lunch outdoors. Prior to Bento Day, the children made their own wallets and purses as well as some mock money. On that day, the big children helped to pack food into the Bento boxes. The children then experienced “buying” their own Bento food from Aunty Anny. After ‘buying’ their Bento sets, everyone ate from their Bento boxes outdoors. We liked the picnic-like atmosphere of eating in the garden.  It was a good culinary experience sampling different food.






Corn is ready to be picked as soon as the ears have completely filled out



Soon we are going to celebrate our harvest festival on the morning of 18th May [Friday].  All parents and siblings are cordially invited to come and join us.  All the children have started to practice poems and songs for the Harvest Festival.

  In Nania, we celebrate Harvest Festival with a thankful heart to Mother Nature for sun, rain and wind.  Through the poems and songs, the children express their gratefulness for the food on their plates and also to the farmers who work hard to grow the crops as well as to their parents who lovingly prepare food for them.

Nature also seems to feel the same and wants to celebrate harvest festival together with us. Our garden has yielded much harvest this month. Firstly, we harvested ‘Edamame’ beans that were planted on Bean Throwing day. The children enjoyed eating beans that they planted & harvested themselves. We also harvested sweet corn! Aunty steamed those corn cobs for snack time.

                                                                                      Teacher Kerry

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