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We celebrated the New Life/Easter Festival at Nania. The children arrived at Nania earlier as they did not want to miss the activities. Upon their arrival, they started the day by colouring their Easter eggs which they later brought home .

After that, the teachers presented a puppet show about the friendship between a caterpillar and a girl. The children eyes were shining when they saw the puppet butterfly, which was the transformed caterpillar, dancing happily with the little girl.

The highlight of the day was eggs hunting, we went out to hunt for the big and small Easter eggs in our garden.  They eagerly searched through the garden and happily piled up their ‘rewards’ in a basket. Those big eggs were served during lunch while small “eggs” were brought home together with their coloured big egg.

Perhaps some of you may heard from your child that the baby birds in our garden had fly away. On that afternoon, some big children noticed that the baby birds were out from their nest. The mummy bird and daddy bird were there to protect them. Children observed quietly from a distance. And after a while, they saw baby birds learnt how to fly. It was amazing moment to see that.

For me, it was a touching experience too. For about a month, I felt the love and care from the daddy bird and mummy bird to protect their eggs and later their babies. Animal like birds learn their special skills for surviving at a short time after birth. But our children need more time to develop and unfold their full potential. It is important task for us, the parents and the teachers, to create an environment and lifestyle that can protect and nature the children’s development. We also need to be patient for them to develop their skills while we stive to be a worthy role model for them to imitate.

In the first week of May, we celebrated the Boy’s Day and will we will celebrate the Mothers’ Day soon. The children were busily preparing the crafts to take home.

Children are looking forward for Sports day as we practicing the poems and songs for that day. The Sports Day has been scheduled on the 21st of May (Friday). The song sheet was given with last month’s newsletter.

In this coming holiday, Junko sensei and I will be the speakers for Malaysia Early Childhood Education Teachers’ Training. We had been busy to prepare and organize the event. I am glad that I can share ideas with more teachers and parents about early childhood  education that is child-centered and holistic. I wish you a happy holiday and stay safe!

                                                                                            Teacher Thian




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