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Dear parents,

We celebrated two festivals in April: Hari Raya and New Life.

During the Hari Raya festival, the children sang the Hari Raya song loudly with all the teachers in the dining hall. Teacher Ang and Teacher Emi shared a story about how everyone should appreciate the food we receive and asked the children not to waste Auntie Janet’s lunch and snacks. After the story, everyone at Nania was treated to some Raya cookies. The cookies were delicious, and the children loved them.

On the day of the New Life festival, all the children arrived early at Nania as they did not want to miss the puppet show. They listened attentively as the teachers performed the show.

The puppet show was about a little girl who befriended a caterpillar. One day, she became sad when she couldn't find the caterpillar. She was told that the caterpillar was now inside its cocoon. The next day, she returned to the spot of the cocoon and was delighted to see a beautiful butterfly had emerged! The children were amazed by the show and sang the butterfly song together to celebrate this wonderful transformation.

After the show, all the children gathered in the dining hall to paint some hard-boiled eggs, which they then brought home. Mommy and Daddy, did you enjoy the painted eggs?

The next activity of the day was the highly anticipated egg hunt. The children eagerly searched throughout the garden for big and small ‘eggs’ that were hidden. They excitedly collected all their finds in a basket. The teachers then wrapped up the eggs with the help of the children themselves to be taken home. All the older children helped to de-shell the eggs which were later served for lunch together with fried rice.

We planted soybeans during Bean Throwing Day in February, and now they have grown into edamame plants. The children harvested the edamame and gave them to Auntie Janet to serve for lunch during the New Life celebration day. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about the formation of new life.

Last Friday saw our first Craft Circle of 2024, and we would like to express our gratitude to all the children who participated. They all did an excellent job of creating beautiful spiderwebs which they took home with them.

We have not resumed Nania's Pool Day due to recent weather. We don't want the children to get ill from playing in cold water when it is hot outside.

Please be aware that there will be a school break from May 25th (Saturday) to June 3rd (Monday). School will resume on June 4th (Tuesday) as Monday is a Public Holiday.

An important note for parents/guardians: Please ensure your child/children have a hat or cap for outside play as it can be hot even in the morning. Thank you.

May 2024 Activities

1st (Wed)   Public Holiday – Labour Day

8th (Wed)   Boy’s Day Celebration (Kodomo-no-hi)

10th (Fri)    Mothers’ Day Celebration

17th (Fri)   Yue Yao’s 4th Birthday Celebration

19th (Sun)  Nania Sports Day @ Penang Japanese School

20th (Mon) Replacement Holiday for Sports Day

22nd (Wed) Public Holiday – Wesak Day

25th-2nd     School Break

3rd Jun (Mon) Public Holiday – Agong’s Birthday

Other Activities

6th (Mon)  Sports Day Committee Meeting @ 3 pm

9th (Thu)   Bread Making Day

14th (Tue)  Painting Day

15th (Wed) Bread Making Day

24th (Fri)   Craft Circle (4 pm – 5.45 pm)

Kodomo-no-hi / Boys’ Day (Wednesday, 8th May 2024)

It is a Japanese custom for families with boys to put up the koinobori, or carp streamers, in their garden or on the roof on this day.  The koinobori carp appear to be swimming vigorously against the current as they flutter in the wind.  This symbolizes that boys should face and overcome challenges with the same positive spirit.

This year at Nania, we celebrate this event on 8th May 2024.  The children will make a koinobori and a Samurai hat as part of their class activities and take them home on that day.  Our koinobori carps are displayed in the festival corner.

This year at Nania, we celebrate this event on 8th May 2024.  The children will make a koinobori and a Samurai hat as part of their class activities and take them home on that day.  Our koinobori carps are displayed in the festival corner.


Mothers’ Day Celebration (Friday, 10th May 2024)

The children are busy making flowers and cards to bring home to their mothers. They are very excited while doing the crafts, repeatedly saying "I want to bring this home to mommy!" I'm sure their mothers would appreciate all their hard work!

Sports Day (Sunday, 19th May 2024)

Another event for May will be our Sports Day, which is scheduled for the 19th of May (Sunday). Please keep that date free to join your child/children for a morning of family fun at the Penang Japanese School. Please come on time that morning as the children’s presentation will start at 9 a.m. The children have been busy practicing the songs and dances. Have you heard them sing some of the Sports Day songs? Parents of big children are invited to be on the Sports Day committee. We will have a meeting on the 6th of May (Monday) at 3 pm. The day’s program will be distributed after a meeting with the committee. Please take note that there will be a replacement rest day after Sports Day on the 20th of May, Monday.

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