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We are glad to see the children after a week break coming to class happily and cheerfully. The class and garden are filled with children’s laughter again. They have lots to catch up on with one another and I am glad to see their smiling faces while they are playing with each other.

Before school re-opened, we cleaned and washed the toys in the classroom, dyed the hanging and play cloths as well as cleaned the classrooms. Some children have noticed the newly dyed cloths which hang in the class.

Now, the children are diligently picking the ‘blue flowers’ to give to Aunty Anny. The flowers will be processed into blue food dye which will be used to stain the skin of the moon cakes.

Yes, Mooncake festival is just around the corner. Please mark your calendar for the Mooncake Festival. We look forward to seeing you and your family on the evening of 13th September [Friday].

The children also have started preparation for the Mooncake festival. They are working enthusiastically as they usually do in preparing themselves for their presentations.  They are learning new songs, poems, recitation, rhythm and movements with joy. Our big children will be reciting the Hokkien Poem which is assigned to them. All the children

started making their own lanterns and also the small lanterns which will be used as decorations to create the festive mood. 

On the morning of the eve of the festival, 12th September [Thursday], the children will gather to make their moon-cakes. Each child will make 2 mini mooncakes. First, they flatten the outside skin layer with their hand and then place the paste in its middle.  Then the skin will be wrapped around the paste and the mixture is rolled into a ball. Lastly, they will press their round moon-cakes into the mould and their individual moon-cakes will be done! 

Later in the afternoon, the big children with the teacher’s help will pack the beautifully set moon-cakes. All children will take home the fresh and delicious mooncakes on the festival night.

  A gentle reminder to all parents, that there will be NO morning session on the 13th September [Friday]. Please come on time with your children in the evening to celebrate this wonderful festival together.

                                                                                              Teacher Chithra

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