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Dear parents,

The children are really getting into the Christmas spirit. In the centre of the display corner, we placed a “Star Windows calendar”. Each day before snack, four children approach the display corner. One of them opens one of the calendar star windows while the other three children add handmade animals or gnomes carefully to the display. Every child will have a chance to perform this ceremony until all the windows are open. The children are looking forward to the time when the last window will be opened as it means we will then celebrate Christmas together.

Some of the children were excited when a sunbird came into the garden to make a nest and lay eggs. It was an interesting experience for the children to observe how the sunbird built her nest. One girl, who observed a black strip near the bird’s eyes, said “The bird is wearing sunglasses!” We all laughed together.

I was busy writing the children’s comment cards last week. I have had a wonderful year with the children in the English Class. I am glad to see their progress day by day. Their plays always open my eyes to a new world which is full with imagination. My family members who saw the children’s pictures remarked that they are so cheerful and beautiful. In my opinion, their smiles and laughter are the precious gifts that spur me on.

I am also glad that the parents are getting closer. Some of the families have begun to visit each other. Sometimes they hold picnics together, join in the activities organized by other mothers and help each other in many ways. I am amazed by this new web of relationships.

The end of the year draws near and our school break is just around the corner. I wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I anticipate a great time with all the children in 2007.

Teacher Thian

Note: Attached with this news letter is a letter from a mother. I thank you for her contribution. I hope to hear from more of you too.

Dear Parents,

I am Fong Lin, the mother of Jing Qi and Shu Qing. I am writing this letter to share my opinion and concerns with you.

I believe that we all place our children in Nania for certain reasons. My husband and I are the same. We hope that our children can have a happy and healthy childhood, just like we did when we were growing up. The environment and tempo of life in our society are very different from the past. To have a simple yet happy childhood seems to be very difficult in this modern era.

Luckily, we discovered Taska Nania, a kindergarten based on Rudolf Steiner’s education method, when we moved to Penang. If you have come across educational books written by Rudolf Steiner, you will understand the nature of children from the age of 0-7 years old. Taska Nania emphasizes on the rhythm of daily activities which is crucial to children’s growth. Actually, repetition and rhythm are the key elements in Waldorf kindergarten.

Our children experience the same routine and rhythmic time table in Nania from 9.00am to 2.30pm. But does this continue when we bring them back home? I believe that the teachers in Taska Nania hope that our children can have a rhythmic lifestyle even at home. I also feel that parents want to incorporate this good practice into their daily live so that our children can flow from the orderly school rhythm to a similarly enriching home rhythm. So how shall we start?

First of all, we need to assess our current family routine and consider the routine that is needed by our children. Then we can try to change the rhythm of our daily lives. I believe the teachers in Nania are willing to guide us. (Parents can refer to At Nania 4 where Junko shared about repetition which is attached with this news letter. Junko wrote a column “At Nania” in Nania News to talk about the Whys and How we do things at Nania. You can visit to our homepage to read the 10 series of At Nania. The administrator also can print them for you if you need a copy from us. From Teacher Thian)

I understand that it is not easy to practice a rhythmic life schedule. In my family, we are trying to adjust our lifestyle by adopting routine and rhythm into our time table, for example: story telling before bed time, reciting grace before and after our meals. Other than this, we also let our children help to make noodles or bread. Actually, I am in the early stages of implementing these practices. I want to work together with the kindergarten to deepen and enhance my children’s lives.

“Actually, the rhythmic life is the easier life. The more rhythmic their life is, the healthier the children will be. I know that this modern era is a time that hardly follows any rhythm because the adults’ rhythm is easily disrupted. But Rudolf Steiner insisted that we have to maintain the rhythm as this is very important for a child’s growth.”

If you are of the same opinion, why not start to practice a rhythmic daily schedule with your children? We hope that there will be more practitioners so that we can help and support each other.

I have moved to Penang for two years. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the teachers in Nania for their help and sharing. I am happy that the class teacher allows me to share my opinion in this news letter.

Fong Lin

Coming events

Chinese New Year Festival (26th January 2007)
For the year 2007, Chinese New Year falls on 18th February 2007 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. But we will celebrate the festival earlier, that is in January. This is because the 6-year-old graduates from the Japanese Class need some time to prepare and to for their graduation ceremony. All parents and siblings are welcome to join us for the Chinese New Year festival. More details about the festival will be given out in January 2007.

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