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Very soon, 2018 will draw to a close.  With much reluctance and a heavy heart, I will have to say goodbye to our 4 graduates and they are Sheildon, Artemis, Ern Jae and Hajethaa. I will cherish the fond memories that I have had with them. 

Our 4 graduates who are walking out of our door are confident, loving and creative.  No matter what challenges lie ahead of them, we are very sure that they have the will to endure and to overcome them.

Looking back on this year, I am delighted to meet and bound with all the children and parents at Nania. Dear parents, thank you for accepting me as the English Class Teacher and support me to know your child or children better. I am glad to have Teacher Ang as the English class assistant teacher because she has given of her love and dedication to all the wonderful children who are under Nania’s care.  

The seven 5 year olds are already eagerly awaiting their turn as the next ‘ko-ko’ and ‘jie-jie’.  They take over the leading role in creative play time in the afternoon as the big children were doing the literacy class. We are certain that they are ready to do some writing and reading in their literacy time. They will also pick up some extra activities like weaving, skipping and ball bouncing. We hope they will be good examples for the younger ones in the class to follow.

The four year olds are getting independent and capable. They can change by themselves with minimum help from teachers, feed lunch by themselves and finish their meal on time. Meanwhile the three years old has overcome their anxiety and can walk into the classroom without crying for mummy any more. They joined the elder children creative play and tried their best to follow the ‘ko-ko’ and ‘jie-jie’.

Amidst laughter and tears, these children have matured as individuals and also gotten closer to each other.  Every afternoon  they say goodbye to each other but can’t wait to see each other again the following day.  They remember friends who are absent and offer prayers for those who are unwell.

I’ll miss the children who are leaving Nania and I wish them all the best in their future undertakings.  As for the rest of the children, I look forward to spending another year of wonderful moments with them.

The Christmas Festival mark the last day of school for the year 2018.  Although there was a breakout of Influenza A, we are blessed that we can carry on the Festival. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation given. We hope all the sick children speedy recovery. We hope all the children will come back healthily after the school holidays.

Next year we welcome two new boys to the class.  We know for sure that the present children will welcome them and another new class dynamic will once again be created under the roof of Nania.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Teacher Thian

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