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Time flies, now it is the end of the year and Christmas is approaching.  All the children are in a festive mood. They are busy practicing songs and poems. A “Star Window calendar” is placed at the center of the display table. Each day after lunch, all the children will gather around the display table. One child will open a star window on the calendar and another child will place animals on the display table with caring thoughts. Every child will have a turn to perform this tradition until all the windows are open and we celebrate the Christmas festival together.

For this festival, we work on the theme of sharing and giving. Christmas is not just about receiving presents, it is also about giving. Therefore as part of the celebration, the children are asked to think about whose misfortune or distressed people around the world and send out good thoughts and blessings to them.

In the class, children are making Paper Christmas Sock, they will bring home their beautiful painting and drawing in their Sock. Children will help to make Christmas cookies too. See you at the Christmas festival Day!

Very soon 2019 will draw to be close. It has been an amazing year watching every child grow. Every day with children has been an adventure and we will cherish those memories forever. We have lived, loved, laughed, played, learned, and enriched our lives together every day.

Usually, I have mixed feelings when I write the last newsletter for the year. I am sad that the graduated children are going away, but at the same time happy that they are ready for more formal learning. Time passes and now the 5 big children are moving on to another phase of their life. We are glad that they have blossomed into cheerful, caring, loving and dependable children in the space and environment at Nania. We are confident that they will have a smooth transition to standard 1 next year. Our “Fantastic Five” will surely be missed by everyone here!

Next year, we will have 7 big children. We already can witness their excitement and anticipation towards leading the class. We are equally looking forward to guide and teach our next batch of the “Magnificent Seven" next year. We are eagerly looking forward to see the smaller children’s capabilities as there are also growing older by one year.

We wish all a joyous holiday season and all the best for the New Year ahead! We hope the New Year brings you good health, much happiness, and plenty of prosperity. Best wishes from the team!

                                                                                                 Teacher Chithra

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