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 Dear Parents,

Thank you for making the effort to turn up to support your child/children at Christmas Festival.  Your support was encouraging for them.  All children gave their best in singing songs and reciting poems. They filled the room with warmth, love and laughter, we felt calm, peaceful and joy. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Have you tasted the cookies made by the children? They were busy making the cookies on Monday. Some big children helped the younger children to flatten their dough. They enjoyed cutting the cookies with different moulds. They were willing to share the moulds with each other. The next day, children enjoyed the puppet show and later they made their Christmas wish. We hope their warm wishes will come true.

In a wink of an eye, it is time to the end of this school year.  This year we have 3 big children.  They practically grew up in Nania. They have turned from crying children to big koko and jiejie who can lend a helping hand or comfort to the younger children. We were very touched to see how they guided their friends to perform in the recent Christmas Festival. We are happy that they will still be with us until February 2023.

The five-year-old children showed their creativity in free play and drawings. They role play as astronauts, veterinaries, cook, daddy & mummy and etc. They can build castle, city or robots with blocks. Their drawings became more colourful and interesting. We are glad that they have overcome their shyness to sing songs and recite poems in front of many parents in the Christmas Festival.

Meanwhile, the four-year-old and three-year-old have followed our rhythm well and getting independent now. They learnt to unpack their bags upon arrival, clear up the toys after free play time, change and fold their cloths, sit down and feed themselves during snack time and lunch time. They only need minimum help from teachers.

We had to change the way we celebrate festivals, postponed certain plans or announced emergency off day in this year due to the Covid. We truly appreciate your understanding, cooperation and support. Your warm respond to us was like the stars in the night sky that gave us strength to go through all the difficulties and challenges that we were facing in this year. We are grateful that we all became stronger and life became richer within us.

Enclosed with this news letter is the 2023 Information Pack. Please take note that monthly fee is adjusted to RM1050 as the cost had increased. The registration fee and day care fee remain the same.

The school holiday is starting. We hope you will have some fun time with your children. We strongly recommend you to bring your children to nature and keep healthy rhythm for their daily life. We encouraged the children to help you for simple house chores and reduce their screen time. We look forward to hear their sharing about their holiday experiences.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

                                                                                                                     Teacher Thian & Teacher Ang

Jan 2023 Activities

  3rd (Tue)   School reopen

10th (Tue)   Janson 4th birthday celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration

16th (Mon)   Ribbon Kuih Making

17th (Tue)   Chinese New Year Puppet Show

18th (Wed)   Japanese Class Presentation & Lion Dance

19th (Thu)   English Class Presentation & Lion Dance

                    English Class Parents are invited to join us.

                    Please mark the date in your calendar.

                    Details will be disclosed closer to date.

23rd – 26th   Chinese New Year Holidays

 New Friends:

Yuka from Japanese Class will join us. She is 6 years old.

Janson, 4 years old boy will join us.


Kindly prepare two new handkerchiefs and a new toothbrush for replacement.

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