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We welcome back the returning children after the year end break.  Before the school re-opened, we came back for 4 days to clean the toys and the classroom and also to re-dye the play and the wall decoration cloths. 

You must have noticed that we have also made some minor upgrades to the kindergarten e.g. more sand has been added to the sandpit for the children’s enjoyment, a new rabbit hutch for the rabbits to give them more space as well as some other minor maintenance repairs to the house. 

We have 4 new children joining us this year.  Since they are 4 year olds and the youngest group of children in the class thus there were some separation anxiety episodes. However, these children are getting better adjusted to the longer hours and the class rhythms in Nania. I thank you for your understanding as I need more time to talk to the new children’s parents.  Everyone is welcome to call me after office hour on my hand-phone if needs be.

The 5 year olds enjoy being addressed as ‘ko-ko’ and ‘che-che’ and the seven 6 year olds have eagerly taken on the role as the big children in the class.

The big children in the class are busy learning to weave, read and write.  Some of them have been waiting for the past 2 years to experience this and thus I understand their enthusiasm in doing what the previous children did.

In the mean time, all the children are all geared up and earnestly practising the poems, songs and dances for the coming Chinese New Year Festival.  I look forward to seeing you and your family on the 29th of January (Wednesday) and attached herewith is the programme and song sheet for your attention.

We will be taking a break for the Chinese New Year celebrations from the 30th of January till the 3rd of February.

All of us at Nania would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’.

  Teacher Nora







Window view of Thaipusam for the children


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