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We are delighted to see all the children returning to class happily and cheerfully. During the holidays, the teachers came back for a few days to clean the toys and tidy the classroom. We also re-dyed the play cloths and the wall decoration cloths. We realize then that we really missed the children. Without them, we felt the classroom was too quiet. We couldn’t wait to see them.

  On the first day of school they had lots to catch up on with one another and we were glad to see their smiling faces as they played with each other. 

  This year many new children joined us on the first day. Most of them are totally new to our environment. We are surprised that they can settle down so quickly to the daily rhythm of the class.

  The 6-year-olds have started their afternoon literacy lesson. The sessions basically involve weaving, reading, writing, movement, poems and songs. The big children have started to weave well. We hope that we will have a wonderful year.

  Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This festival is the most important festival for the Chinese family. It is a time for a family reunion. In Nania, it is also a time when everyone comes together as a family to prepare for and celebrate a new year by wishing each other good health, happiness and good luck. The display corner is now decorated with fire crackers and beautiful plum blossoms to bring in the festival atmosphere. All the children are busy practising the dance and Chinese New Year songs. Perhaps, you have heard your children singing ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi’ or ‘Dong dong dong qiang’. Enclosed are the songs and poems we are practicing for the festival. We hope to see you on 9th of February [Friday] for the celebration.

                                                                                    Teacher Kerry & Teacher Chithra

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