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A Happy New Tear to all of you. I am glad that children can accept me as their new teacher with open hearts when they came back from holiday. As we welcome Year 2018, we also welcome 8 new children to the English Class. One of them is a 6 years-old girl, one girl is 5, another 2 girls are 4 years-old while the remaining four are 3 years-old.  Most of the new children has gradually settle down while there are still few that have some separation anxiety episodes. Older children in the class are loving and warmth, they help to console the crying child and help them to participate in the creative play and ring time.

Before school re-opened, we cleaned and washed the toys in the classroom, dyed the hanging and play cloths as well as cleaned the classrooms.  The classrooms are clean and fresh to welcome back all the children. We keep all setting the same to bring the sense of belonging to children.

Every morning when the children arrive, they unpack their bags and begin the day with the artistic work.  After they have finished their work, they join their friends in creative play till it is time to clear up. Together with the rest of the children in the class, they put back the toys to their respective places. Arriving to class by 9a.m. give children enough time to do artistic work and play. When children come late, they either miss out the artistic work or have not enough time for creative play. I seek for your cooperation to send your child punctually.

After that we have our morning gathering where we sing and pray for our absentees. If your child is absent because of sickness, please inform me before 8.30a.m. so that we can wish he or she to get well soon at this time. (I don’t attend to my handphone after 8.30am, you may inform the office if later than 8.30am). Recently we have been praying for Teacher Sally for her quick recovery. Teacher Sally felt down from ladder during on of our cleaning days. Meanwhile, we have Teacher Nora to help us. Then, it is time to drink water and go for a toilet break.  Immediately afterwards, it is snack time but before that, we recite a simple verse thanking mother nature for the gift of food. 

Since the Chinese New Year festival is just around the corner, we practise poems, songs and dance that bring the festive mood after our snack.  About 11.10am we go out to the garden. I encourage parents to prepare a hat or cap for your child to use during the outside playtime.

After washing up, the children change by themselves and also fold and keep away their personal belongings.  After they change, English class children help to set up table for lunch every Tuesday and Thursday while Japanese Class children help the other days.

Before lunch the children drink water and go to the toilet.  We sing a simple thanksgiving song before we serve them lunch at about 12.30 noon.  

The six-year-olds are now addressed as the big ‘ko-ko’ and ‘che-che’ in the class. They have started their afternoon literacy time.  They are eager to do what they have seen the big children do last year.  They have also started to weave happily during their free time.

At the meanwhile, the 5 years-old children play happily with the younger children happily at the other corner. They role play as daddy and mummy to take care of dolls. Some build city with wooden blocks, making chairs into train, cooking with seeds etc.

The class ended with story time after the afternoon snack. I am so moved that children can sit quietly and listen to story attentively.

The children are trying their very best to practice for the coming Chinese New Year. But during the actual day, some young children may need your encouragement to participate bravely in front of all the adults present that day.

I look forward to seeing you and your family on the 8th of February (Thursday).

All of us at Nania would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’.

                                                                                    Teacher Thian

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