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Dear parents,

Last month some children in Taska Nania were affected with chicken-pox, Coxsackie virus A and head lice. I am thankful to parents who informed us as soon as they knew the situation. I am glad that those children have recovered and are back to school. The situation is now under control and the sicknesses are not spreading among the children. I was moved by the mothers’ concern for the children in our Taska. A mother called to send regards and another mother shared an article with important information about Coxsackie.

Meanwhile, the other children are excitedly waiting for the rambutans in our garden to turn red. While waiting for the harvest, they have been picking the fallen rambutans to sample them. Most of the children enjoyed that rambutan treat!

On 29th June, we performed a fire drill with the children. The children were instructed that should there be a fire, everyone has to leave the classes immediately when the house siren is rung. When all the children had gathered in the garden, we explained about the dangers of fire to them. Later a boy asked anxiously, ‘There is no real fire right now, is there?’ Another boy said he will bring his bag along should there be a fire next time or the bag would be burnt. I told him not to worry about the bag but to save his life.

The school holidays will last two weeks starting from 21st August. Please take note that our staff work days will be changed to 1st and 2nd September, instead of 29th and 30th August as stated in our school calendar. The office is open on these staff work days.

Teacher Thian

School holidays will start from 21st August. We will open again on 4th August.
Fire Drill on 29th June 2006
Tanabata Day
Rabbit bath day
Rambutan frim Nania Rambutan tree

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