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Dear Parents,

We thank you for your support and help that you have extended to us during our recent Lantern festival.  Your punctuality enabled the children to be ready in time for their presentation.  I felt so proud watching the children present their very best in front of so many adults. Through their enthusiasm, we all had a pleasant and wonderful night together.  During our post-mortem of this event, all of us had only positive things to say about the night.   

Sometime in the months of August and September we will have a 2- week break. I start to fast on the 1st of August. The children have already been informed that I will not be joining them for lunch and they have shown that they understand my commitment.

Immediately after returning from the term-break, we are going to celebrate the Hari Raya festival. The children will get to taste the traditional ‘ketupat’ and cookies during the morning snack.  I will also be sharing a simple story on the meaning behind the fasting month to the children.

On the 12th of September, we are going to celebrate the Mooncake festival.  I attach herewith the story of the festival for you.  The children will eat mooncakes as their morning snack. On that day, they shall bring back home a lantern that they have made as well as a mooncake.  I will also be telling the Mooncake story to them during the story telling time.

In the afternoon, at 4.30pm, all of you are invited to join us for a ‘Kibo-chan’ dolls send-off ceremony to be held at Nania.  As we have mentioned earlier, we hope these dolls will bring some comfort to the children in Japan after the devastating earthquake.

On the 13th of September, at 4.30pm, we would again like to invite you (adult only) to join us for a sharing session with our guest from Japan i.e. Mariko sensei.  Mariko is currently on her sabbatical leave.  She has been a teacher in the Waldorf School for 16 years.  She also attended the same Emerson College in England as Junko sensei did.

Then on the 28th of September, we would be having our Bento Day celebration in the garden with the children.  During that day, the kitchen staff will ‘sell’ the food they have prepared to the children who will ‘buy’ from them.  The wallet and money to buy their food will be made during their morning class artistic activities.

Last but not the least, I would like to wish you and your family ‘Happy holidays’ and do share with me stories about the wonderful time spent together with your children.

Teacher Nora

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