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It was lovely spending time with you and your family during our Lantern Festival on Thursday evening and we like to thank you for your support.  During the day, the weather was gloomy and rain threatened to fall.   However, none of that happened as the children had prayed hard in the morning for good weather and in the class, we made the “teru-teru bozu” i.e. the Japanese ‘sunshine dolls’ to help keep the rain away.

In the morning of Lantern day, we made ‘dango’ and some small lanterns for decoration.  After lunch, all the children helped to put little plastic bags on the legs of the chairs.  We wanted to protect the legs from mud just in case it rained.  It was so heart-warming that the children helped out so eagerly. Hence, we managed to have everything taken care way before the forthcoming evening celebration.

Due to the unpredictable weather, the small origami lanterns were only hung everywhere in the garden by the children in the evening.

It had been an exciting day for the children and we were glad to see their beaming faces again in the evening. Some children who were going through their very first festival were a bit overwhelmed to sing and dance in front of large crowd of people. However, I was glad to see that most of you showed your support to them by sitting very near them.  Your support gave them much-needed encouragement to go through the poems, songs and dance.  Of course, some of the smaller ones still need time to adjust. Nevertheless, these children have joined us eagerly during practices.  You must have heard them singing and reciting the Hokkien poem at home.

As always, it was wonderful to see the big children reciting and presenting poems and songs confidently.  They set such a good example for the smaller children to imitate. 

During snack, everyone enjoyed and ate up all the delicious ‘dango’ that the children had made during the day. 

Before we ended the evening, the children proudly carried the beautiful lanterns that they have made with their own paintings as they went on an enjoyable lantern walk with their family and friends.

On the 8th of September, we would like to invite all parents to the Nania Parents’ Evening.  Please come by 7.15pm as we will start at 7.30pm and end promptly by 9.00pm.  We hope you can make arrangement for someone to babysit your little ones as we want to have adult discussions during the night.

On the agenda are issues related to child development and classroom experience.  I will also give a brief insight into the activities that we do with the big children during their afternoon literacy hour.  On the other hand, let’s take this opportunity to meet each other and get acquainted.

We are approaching our August term break; I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday.

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