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I hope you had a good time with your children during the holidays. While we were away during the holidays, the corn in the garden grew well and now they are bearing fruit. The children are excited about the changes.

As we enter the new semester, I would like to remind parents to practice punctuality when the children arrive at Nania.  A consistent rhythm of life is essential to foster the young child’s sense of security and balance. When life is without a rhythm, then it is difficult for us to know what to expect next. Uncertainty creates anxiety in adults; young children feel that even more. We have observed that children who experience rhythm in their routine are calmer and more confident. They have enough time to enjoy the quiet moments in artistic work and later play creatively and  in harmony with their friends.

The preparation for your children to wake up fresh in the morning starts the night before. If your child is exposed to exciting activities or electronic media before they go to bed, their sleep will be affected. Instead, bedtime stories or lullabies calm them and they are better able to settle down for a good night’s rest. Young children need to rest earlier. What time does your child go to bed? I changed my routine to make sure my son was in bed by 8pm when he was younger.

A healthy and balanced diet is another important element. At Nania, we serve organic vegetables to children as much as possible. Some children who wouldn’t eat vegetables initially have learnt to accept vegetables with encouragement from teachers and friends. For your information, you also may order organic vegetables through our Admin if you wish to.

Currently, the children are practising songs, poems and dances in the class for the coming Lantern Festival. They will make their own lanterns using colourful painting paper they have prepared.  We enclose herewith a step by step guide on lantern-making in case you might want to make them for their siblings too. Please mark your calendar for the Lantern Festival. We look forward to seeing you and your family on the evening of 19th  July (Thursday). Please come on time so that children can join the performance.

Tanabata will be celebrated on the 6th of July.  So I am trying to find out and write down the wishes of the children to hang on the bamboo branches for them to bring home to you.

                                                                                                Teacher Thian




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