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For the children, one of the most enjoyable moments in Nania without a doubt is the outside playtime.  Happy laughter resounds throughout the garden as the children run about playing games with their friends like ‘chase and catch’, ‘Mr Tiger, what is the time’, ‘Eagle catching chicks’, ‘Freeze’ and etc.

They build sand castles, dig tunnels and landscape the sandpit with high mountains.  They pour water into their rivers and hastily dig diversions for the water to flow through continuously.  Those who  have had such enjoyable times often want to show their mothers their ‘creations’ during afternoon pick up time.  I think they want to share a piece of their happiness with you.

Outside the sandpit area, some children gather around to collect ‘white sands’.  They use sieves to sift through the garden sand for the finest sand they can find. This sand is made into ‘muffins’ and ‘cakes’ garnished with flowers that gathered from the garden.  Other children would use sand to make ‘milo’ or ‘coffee’ and they would serve these ‘drinks’ to the teachers.

Some children jump confidently on the trampoline while a few would climb up the ‘ciku’ tree house.  They would proudly call to us as they swing on the tree branch or climb down from the tree house through the big trunks of the tree.

This is also time to witness the birth of beautiful golden/black butterflies in the garden. First, the children spot the cocoons hanging around the tree house.  Then one fine day beautiful butterflies come flying out of the cocoons. The children would then happily chase after them in the garden.

Children love to play in a beautifully decorated house.  As such, they often decorate the hut with soft colour cloths of light pink and green.  They would then perform imaginative role-plays in this hut.

Lately some children brought to the garden their own jumping rope made up of rubber bands.  They play high jump in the garden.  I would say they are practising for the coming Sports/Family’s day already.

I have to mention that the beans are bearing fruits already.  Every day we can see different children watering the plants.

Another happy playtime activity is the making of colour dye using the flowers and leaves in the garden. However, we teach them to ask permission from the leaves and flowers before they pluck them to play.

The entrance to the English class is often ‘washed’ by these hard working children. They carry water and brush the floor regularly.

These wonderful childhood memories are priceless to them.  We hope they will recall and treasure the happy days that they have had in Nania.

Teacher Kerry will be away for her course in Bangkok from 24th March till the 4th April.  Teacher Sim will assist in the English class during her absence.

Lastly, we are having a week break and I wish you and the children ‘Happy holidays’. 

  Teacher Nora   

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