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Lately the weather has been very hot as the heat wave is in full swing. We did not let children go out during outside playtime on certain days. Some days, we re-scheduled the daily rhythm so that outdoor play time is earlier in the morning to avoid the hot weather. Definitely, the children are encouraged to consume more water than usual to cope with the hot weather.

Last Wednesday we celebrated New Life [Easter] Festival with the children in Nania. The children looked forward to the celebration after we told them about the programme of the day. Upon their arrival, they started to colour eggs to take home. 

After that, the children gathered in the living hall to watch a puppet show. We, teachers, prepared a special puppet show about the friendship between a caterpillar and a girl.  The girl felt the loss when the caterpillar that she had befriended in the garden went missing after a few days.  She did not know that the caterpillar had turned into a cocoon so she felt sad. However, she met a friendly rabbit and Mr. Gnome who gave her hope of finding her caterpillar friend again.  They took her to a flower garden and when she saw a beautiful butterfly flying about, she sensed that she knew the butterfly from before.

After the puppet show, the children went out to hunt for the big and small Easter eggs at our garden.  They eagerly searched through the garden and excitedly piled their ‘treasure’’ in a basket.  During the hunt, it happened that some children collected more than 1 egg. It was touching to watch them sharing their extra eggs with other children who had not found any.

The big children helped to peel off the egg shells and cut the eggs into halves using strings. Later, the eggs were served during lunch time. All of them enjoyed eating the eggs that they found from the garden. After lunch, the big children helped to count the groundnuts and packed. Each child was excited to take home an egg and some groundnuts that day. The next day, they came and told us that what each parent had eaten.

                                                                                       Teacher Chithra & Teacher Kerry










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