News / Nunn Road / 2018 / March 2018

I hope you have spent a wonderful time with your children during the holidays. I am happy to meet the children again after the break. The classroom is once again filled up with their laughter and chit-chat.

After their morning artistic activity, children eagerly start their creative play. Some are busy making cakes in the kitchen corner in preparation for their friend’s “birthday party”. Some build high towers with blocks. Meanwhile, the other children build their house using dividers and cloth. To make their house stronger, they tie the dividers together using strings. It is heart warming to watch the children take care of their baby doll with so much gentle care. A “mother” changes her baby, pat the baby to sleep in a comfortable bed, and then hangs out the “laundry”.

Children turn their life experiences into creative play. They always observe adults around them and imitate the way adults work at household chores. With the simple and natural toys available to them in our environment, the children’s imagination is developed through their creative play.

When we went in to the garden during outside playtime, children noticed that the lady’s fingers were ready for harvest. So, we cut them, gave them to Auntie Janet and asked her to cook them for us. Enjoying our garden-grown lady’s fingers was a wonderful experience. If you have a garden at home, you could plant some vegetables with your children too.

                                                                                             Teacher Thian




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