News / Nunn Road / 2006 / May 2006 (E55)

Dear parents,

I was glad to meet most of you during our Sports/ Family Day. The children were happily running around and playing with their parents. It was also nice to see the interaction between families. Some children even joined up with other families by sharing their food. I am happy to know that some parents made new friends and become closer after that day. Thank you all for your invaluable participation.

I am now attending the basic childcare course, conducted by the Social Welfare Department. I have to attend the lecture and perform my Practical Examination every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Teacher Tan is leading the class assisted by Teacher Joyce whenever I am away. Although I am very busy studying and preparing teaching materials for my practical examinations, I have learnt more about early child education and many useful ways to enhance children’s abilities. I am grateful for the support of the Nania’s staff members

We have started Craft Circle at Nania again. This class is on every Friday, 4.00 to 5.45p.m. The craft activities include needlework, weaving, doll and puppet making, paper folding and others. We welcome children age 5 and above to join us. I would appreciate if you can pass the news around.

Lastly, please take note that our school holidays will start a week later than the Malaysian government school break. We will start our holidays from 5th June 2006.

--Sports Day--

Coming events

Play Dough
The children will bring home Nania’s homemade play dough on 1st June. The play dough can last for another few weeks.

Painting Bag
The children are preparing their painting bags. They will place their paintings and drawings in this bag when they take them home on 2nd June. Some of their drawings and paintings have been used as birthday or farewell presents for their friends.

The coming school term holidays will be from 5th June (Monday) till 11th June (Sunday).

Father’s Day
We will celebrate Father’s Day on 16th June. Children will make flowers and a wall decoration to bring home for their fathers.

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