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Thank you for your wonderful support on our Sport/Family’s Day.  It was a wonderful time well spent with your family and children on a beautiful Sunday in the Japanese School Hall.

Your encouragement and cheering them during their games have worked.  I see the children tried their best during their presentation and participated sportingly in their games. There was so much fun and laughter in the hall that day. 

I was also happy to see you spontaneously taking part together with your child/children in the games that needed your support.   Someone had mentioned that the children’s sports day is also the parents sport’s day because you put in as much effort to participate and thus you are physically as tired as them.  Kudos to you!

At Nania, I have the feeling that the children are still in the ‘games’ mood. Till today I still hear some children singing and carrying out the ‘train’ song and action in the classroom.  They also love to sing the Japanese action song “Aburhamu’ during the morning ring time.

Some children have left Nania and some new ones joined the class. We are having new dynamics in term of creative play in the class.  New group of friends are forming and everyone has found their favorite buddy/buddies while playing.

Very soon we are going on a one week break.  Teacher Kerry and I will have our work cut out for us to thoroughly clean everything in the class room.  We want to welcome back all the children in good health after holiday.  Happy holidays to everyone.

Teacher Nora





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