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Dear parents,

Many thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to our successful Sports Day. We trust you had a great time, just as we (Nania’s teachers) did.

We appreciate your participation in the games with your child(ren). Your enthusiasm made the activities more fun and livelier. We were happy to see all the children perform well during the presentation, especially the older children, who performed the ‘Kumitaiso’ steps perfectly. For days since Sports Day, the younger children have been trying to perform the ‘Kumitaiso’ steps among themselves. It seems they cannot wait for their turn to perform next year.

We could see that the children were very happy as the once-empty hall was filled with their laughter, and their faces shone like the sun. The children did their utmost and the medals they received from the committee members are well deserved.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have lent a helping hand. Some fathers helped guide the cars at the car park, while many others stayed back to help clean the hall and carry the chairs to be loaded into our school van. Many thanks go out to the committee members for all their assistance and support.

In May, we also celebrated Boys' Day and Mother's Day. The children worked hard to create the crafts to bring home. The older children now have more experience than the younger ones, so they can make more complicated flowers.

The older children in the class have their lessons every day from 1 pm to 1:45 pm. They are learning the alphabet and numbers in three different languages. Additionally, they are also learning movement games such as skipping rope. Teacher Ang teaches them using songs and poems, and the children eagerly anticipate these lessons every day.

June 2024 Activities

3rd (Mon)  Public Holiday – Agong’s Birthday

14th (Fri)  Fathers’ Day Celebration

17th (Mon)   Public Holiday – Hari Raya Haji

Other Activities

21st (Fri)  Pool Day

28th (Fri)  Craft Circle (4 pm – 5.45 pm)

Fathers' Day Celebration (Friday, 14th June 2024)

The children are busy creating flowers and cards to bring home to their fathers. They are also learning a new action song to perform for their fathers soon. We are certain that the fathers will love it!

Pool Day (Friday, 21st June 2024)

Pool Day is back! Please prepare swimming suits and larger towels for the children on that day. Kindly put the child(ren)’s names on the towels so they can recognize their towels. We look forward to seeing them play happily in the pool that we will set up in the garden.

Craft Circle (Friday, 28th June 2024)

Please let us know if your 6-year-old child(ren) would like to join this session. The deadline for registration and payment is 21st June 2024 so that we can prepare the necessary materials.

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