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It was nice to meet everyone during our Harvest Festival.  The children made bread for snack time. We teachers are so happy that all of them enjoyed the presentation.

  We realize that repetition is really important for the children. We practised regularly during our daily ring time to help them memorize all the songs and poem. Amazingly they remembered the lyrics of the songs and poem. We hope you enjoyed their presentation and the puppet show too. During most festivals in Nania, we end with a puppet show. We feel that the puppet show helps to close the festival with an inward peaceful mood. And this enriches he children’s souls.

  After harvest festival, children will be busy preparing flowers and cards for Father’s Day. We hope that you, fathers, will like your child’s present.

  We started the afternoon literacy development sessions with the three big children at the beginning of the year. They are keen learners. They are picking up on their lessons well and sometimes we hear them discussing the lessons and sharing the sound or spellings of words with each other during conversations or when looking at a book together. It is a delight to observe their joy of learning.

  In Nania we have a mixed-age class. During lesson time, big children will sit at their study area for lessons while the younger children continue to have free play. Often, some of the younger age children will sit beside the older children and observe them quietly. Then, they start to draw the big children at their lessons. It seems they are eager to be in the shoes of the big children.

  We will slowly transform the colours in the display corner to green and yellow with candles and handmade ketupat. The children who have experienced this before know that Hari Raya is coming. We will start singing the Hari Raya songs.

  ‘’Hari Raya” is a small and simple festival for the children. Through this festival we will show them and explain to them some of the Malay culture. On this day we will prepare delicious Malay cookies and the typical malay lunch of “Nasi Lemak’’. Please allow your children to come to this festival dressed in Malay traditional clothes like the Baju Kurong or Baju Kebaya for the girls and the Baju Melayu for the boys. It will make the event even more meaningful. We will make Raya craft with them to hang at our entrance as Raya decoration. We hope the children will feel proud of their own craft and enjoy the process of making craft by themselves.

  As we are approaching our two-week term break, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and do share with us stories about the wonderful time spent together with your children.

                                                                               Teacher Kerry & Teacher Chithra






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