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Dear parents,

We celebrated Deepavali and Hari Raya before the school break. The children listened to the Deepavali story from Teacher Chithra attentively. Later, Aunty Janet introduced the “ketupat”, a Malay traditional food. Most the children enjoyed the Indian snacks and ketupat.

The graduation for Jing Qi and Por Hao was very warm. Some parents enjoyed ‘playing’ for a while with their children’s friends. Por Hao and Jing Qi were initially a bit shy, but I was proud of them when they overcome it and performed well. Looking at them and reflecting on some memories I shared with them, tears filled my eyes.

The children have started practicing songs and poems for the Christmas Festival. Enclosed are songs and poems we are practicing. Children are also making paper “Christmas Socks.” They will bring home their beautiful paintings and drawings in their “Christmas Socks” on the festival day.

In Taska Nania we are working on the theme of ‘sharing and giving’ with the children for Christmas Festival. The focus of this festival is to connect the children to their inner beings and cultivate the goodness that lies within them. Christmas is not just about receiving presents, having parties and dressing up. It is also about giving and nurturing kind thoughts for one another. As part of the ceremony, the children are asked to think about someone who needs help and to send out good thoughts and love to them. By encouraging them to carry a kind thought for others, we hope to help the children rekindle their inner light and experience the warmth and joy of giving and sharing.

I am looking forward to see all of you at the Christmas festival.

Teacher Thian

Christmas Festival Programme

9.00 am Star Making
9.30 am Setting up for snacks
9.45 am Presentation
  Christmas poems and songs
  Handing out year-end comment cards
10.15 am Snack Time (having children’s homemade cookies) 
10.35 am ‘Making a wish’ 
10.50 am Puppet show
  Goodbye song
  Christmas gifts
11.15 am Departure

Notes regarding the Christmas Festival
The children will bake cookies on 13th Dec 2006 for the festival.
The children’s year-end comment cards will be given out during the Christmas Festival together with a group photo.
It is not necessary to bring school bags or extra clothes unless the child really needs them.
Parking for the festival has been arranged with the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society. Please park your car at the car park opposite the school.

Please enter from the main gate.
Presentations can be difficult for young children during festivals. We encourage mothers to sing together with the younger children to support their participation.
The children will go home together with their mothers after the festival ends at 11.15a.m.

Coming events

Jeetran’s and Hui Yuan’s birthdays fall during the school holidays. Therefore, we will celebrate their birthdays earlier.
Jeetran turns 3 on 25th December. We will celebrate his birthday on 1st December.
On 4th December, we will celebrate Hui Yuan’s birthday. She will be 4 years old on 18th December.

Christmas Festival/ End of Year Festival ( 15th Dec 2006)
Parents and siblings are cordially invited to join this festival which begins at 9.00 a.m. The children will go home with their parents after the festival at about 11.15a.m.

The school holidays are from 16th December 2006 till 2nd January 2007. We will see you again on 3rd January 2007( Wednesday).

8 Nov marked the lovely graduation morning for Por Hao and Jing Qi. Watching them stand upright and confident during the ceremony, I was much moved. They have surely achieved their goals! It was also heart-warming to see the small children supporting them by singing together with them. Blessed with the presence of their loving parents, the celebration touched all our hearts.
I wish them all the best as they continue on their life’s journey.

Junko Suzumoto

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