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Dear parents,

It was a touching moment when the 6 years old children who have tirelessly practice for their graduation ceremony finally gave a great performance on 10-Oct-2008.  Their parents who attended that day must have felt proud of them. Teacher Thian was moved to tears when giving her closing speech.

As for me, who attended the class graduation ceremony for the first time, I was also touched by the magic of the moment by what the children can do at such tender age.  The younger ones also did their part and dearly congratulating graduating classmates.

On the lighter note, one of the graduating children shouted ‘yes, we are free’ at the end of the ceremony. Now they are back to their daily routine again. However this day will forever remained with them throughout their life.

Teacher Thian gave birth to a baby boy on 19-Oct-2008.  Both mother and baby are fine and resting at home now. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new English class assistant teacher.  She is Teacher Teoh.  She has a 9 years old son.  Prior to Nania, she worked at a kindergarten based in Langkawi.  She is happily adjusting to the new environment.

Teacher Nora

Congratulations to 6 graduated children

The room was filled with warm light and love from parents, small children and teachers to the six graduating children.

I was so touched to see the 6 children reciting poems, singing and speaking with confidence. They stood upright to show their readiness to go on a new journey.

Having finished the first phrase of their life with joy and confidence, I believe each of them will continue to walk their path as who they are and who they want to be.

The parents’ messages also touched my heart so much.  I wish the graduated children and parents all the happiness and fruitful years to come.  I’m grateful for your support.


All the best to Teacher Thian

Teacher Thian had to leave Nania earlier than expected as the baby arrived early.  She has been working with us for more than 4 years. Her dedication and love towards the children, parents and colleague brought great joy and fruits at Nania. It was wonderful to work with her. Although we’ll miss her smile around us, we are happy for her to achieve her dream of being a mother.  One day, we wish to meet her again as a colleague.

We wish Teacher Thian all the best.

Transition plan

Teacher Nora has already taken over the English class and Teacher Teoh is now working as her assistant.  We will work together to continue to have an English class filled with love.

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