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Thank you for being with us during the Harvest Festival.  Festivals are an important part of a child’s formative years so I appreciate your efforts in applying for time-off or leave to join your child in this celebration.  It is not important how well they performed but rather their readiness to participate enthusiastically. 

Some children need time to grow in confidence before they can perform in front of a large crowd of adults.  But once they are there, it is wonderful to watch them sing, recite poems and dance joyously in public.  Hence, no matter how long it takes, your support and presence is what that matters to them the most.  I have experienced this many times with the children over the years but it never ceases to thrill my heart to watch them blossom in this area of confidence.

During the presentations, you must have also noted that the six ‘big children’ in the class were well prepared and they stood confidently in front of the crowd as they lead the small children.  Well, their big day i.e. their graduation is coming soon. 

After completing the required graduation props by themselves, they are now practicing earnestly together with the smaller children for the graduation day speeches and performances after our morning snack.

To the parents of these 6 graduating children, please mark November 14th on your calendar and join them on that day.  Please prepare a short speech about your child for that day. We will ask you to deliver and share those speeches on the graduation day.

                                                                                                    Teacher Nora
















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