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Many interesting festivities happened in the month of October.  To begin with, we had our Harvest Festival in the beginning of the month.  I wish to thank you for making the effort to turn up to support your child/children during this festival because your support is important to them.  Noticing your encouraging smiles, the children gave their best when they sang their songs and recited the poems. Even the new children and the younger children willingly sang and recited poems together with the rest of the ‘ko-ko’ and ‘che-che’.  In fact, all of them have been actively participating in our practices at school. 






Next was “Bento Day’ which gave the children the wonderful and exciting experience of buying their own lunch boxes from the kitchen staff. They made both the ‘monies’ and the wallets during the morning artistic time and used them to buy food.  After asking the kitchen staff about the price of the food they wanted to buy, they paid and received change as well.  They then thanked the kitchen staff once they had gotten their box of food.

You can extend this experience by asking your child to use his/her ‘money’ to buy food from you at home.  This meaningful play moment with your child contributes to their memories of growing up.

I must mention here that the 6-year-olds had hands-on experience during Bento Day by peeling eggs and also packing the bento boxes for everyone.  First, they counted the number of food items for each box.  Then they arranged them neatly and nicely in the box.  After that, they closed the lids of the boxes and the boxes were ready to be sold.  After lunch, the 5-year-olds also contributed by cleaning and wiping dry the lunch boxes for recycling.

Everyone had a very full lunch that day.  They asked for many rounds of ‘okawari’ as they loved the food that was served.





Lastly we celebrated Deepavali or the ‘festival of lights’. In the morning, the children produced a colourful “Rangoli pattern” to bring home. During snack time, we started the festival with a Deepavali’s related story told by Teacher Punitha. She has even taught us a new dance movement.  Children like the traditional snacks like ‘muruku’ and other cookies. In the afternoon story telling session, the class teacher related the story of Rama and Sita to the children. 

Some children came in the Indian’s traditional costumes had added the festivity’s mood to the festival.  Next year you can also prepare your child to wear the costume.



Very soon, it will be time for the English class graduation on the 10th of November (Friday).  This year we have 4 children graduating i.e. 2 girls and 2 boys.  They are rehearsing and pratising together with the small children their speeches, songs, poems and practising the musical instruments which they had made in preparation for their big day!  

To the graduating parents, please mark this important date in your calendar as we appreciate your full turn-up and support. 

                                                                                                       Teacher Nora

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