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We held our Harvest Festival in the beginning of the month.  I am so glad that all the children were able to attend the festival. Thank you for turning up to support your child/children during this festival. I hope all of you enjoyed the day. Most of the children overcame their shyness and were willing to sing and dance with their ‘koko’ and ‘jiejie’. 






‘Bento Day’ gave the children the wonderful and exciting experience of buying their own lunch boxes from the kitchen staff. They made both the ‘money’ and the wallets during the morning artistic time and used them to buy food. One of the big children brought his money from the past two years. He was so kind as to donate some money to the small children who needed more money.





The 6-year-olds were hands-on during Bento Day. They shelled eggs and also packed the bento boxes for everyone.  First, they counted the number of food items for each box.  Then, they arranged them neatly and nicely in the box.  After that, they closed the lids of the boxes and the boxes were ready to be sold.

When the ‘Bento Shop’ was ready, children went there. After asking the kitchen staff about the price of the food they wanted to buy, they paid and received change as well.  They then thanked the kitchen staff once they had gotten their box of food.

Everyone had a very full lunch that day.  They asked for many rounds of ‘okawari’ as they loved the food that was served. After lunch, the 5-year-olds also contributed by cleaning and wiping dry the lunch boxes for recycling.

In Nania, we give away the children’s drawings as gifts to birthday children, graduating children and farewell children who say farewell to us. However, sometimes I do not give away drawings from all of the children. This is because some children may not have a lot of drawings as they were away for holidays or were sick. And, sometimes, there are many birthdays in a month. I keep the drawings that shown significant changes in the child’s development for them to bring home to you.

One of the issues that concerned us during the last Parents and Teachers Meeting was the usage of electronic media among young children. I am glad to know that you, parents, are making efforts to reduce the TV, handphone or iPad time for their children. A letter from a father telling us his son doesn’t use the hand phone gave us a good opportunity to encourage other children to do the same. A girl came back to me the next day and said she was not asking for handphone from her parents anymore. What great news! I also gave some ‘homework’ ie finger knitting or origami to children so that they have alternative activities at home when they are not watching electronic media .

Very soon, it will be time for the English class graduation on the 9th of November (Friday).  This year we have 4 children graduating i.e. 3 girls and 1 boy.  They made their music instruments and star crowns. They are rehearsing and practising together with the small children their speeches, songs, poems for their big day!

To the graduating parents, please mark this important date in your calendar as we appreciate your full attendance and support.

                                                                                                          Teacher Thian

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