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I remember as if it were yesterday what it was like when they initially joined us at 3 years old. They used to ask us a lot of questions. Practically without our realizing it, they grew up. Yes, it’s Carl, Charmaine, Quinn, Sonia and Yu Siang who are going to graduate soon and move on to primary school next year. This month, October is a busy month for them, they are now diligently rehearsing their speeches, songs as well as finishing their graduation year project that is weaving and making their own musical instruments.

  On the other hand, the smaller children also join in the rehearsals, equally enthusiastic and supportive.  Everyone is looking forward to the big day!

  To the parents of the graduating children, please mark your calendar and join us on that important day. You are requested to share with us a simple and touching story about your child. We look forward to your sharing on that day.

At beginning of this month, some children suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. To ensure the health of the children, we sterilized and cleaned the classroom and toilets. At Nania, hygiene is important and emphasized all the time. We remind children to wash their hands with soap before and after meals and also after using the toilet and after playing in the garden. We use separate napkins and hand towels for meals and wash them every day.

We request cooperation from parents to keep the child at home when they are not well or infected with a contagious illness. We also ask parents to keep us informed so that appropriate action can be taken immediately.

Recently we celebrated Deepavali and I narrated the story of the festival to the children, which is the triumph of good over evil.

I am sure all of you saw the “Rangoli” at the entrance of Nania during this year Deepavali celebration. “Rangoli” is a famous Indian traditional art made by coloured rice at the doorstep of the house. This year we grouped the children into 3 groups and each group made their “rangoli” with the teachers. The “Rangoli” was aesthetically done and it capped a truly splendid festival. Both teachers and children enjoyed the celebration very much. 

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